Unleashing fate upon a land above a ring of fire;
shift tectonic plates subducting molten trench encroaching,
releasing fast, destructive wrath, disaster’s path transpire.
Blaring sirens squeal declaring tidal waves approaching.

Unknowing lives are fractured and soon swiftly swept away;
wall of deadly ocean, racing terror, deep-sea rages,
as mother nature’s ruling fury crashes fierce display.

Hellish trail of churning, burning, ripping seismic gauges
engulfing all; dark water’s pulverizing power-play.
Toxic rods left spewing ions; fueling war still wages.

Restore Japan from grave despair, the world to question why.
Hope rebuilds on shaky ground a melted core; heat drastic –
awaiting spring where blossoms bring irradiated sky.
Stop potential darkness used to trip our lights fantastic.

Notes on the form:
This is the Sonnet version of Stress Matrix Dectet/Stress Checkerboard Stanza –
developed by Luke Prater
14 lines, 14 syllables per line – aBaB cDc DcD eF eF
where lowercase are iambic heptameter (7 beats/stresses per line), and uppercase trochaic heptameter. This yields a perfect ‘checkerboard’ of stressed and unstressed syllables (14 x 14, equalling 196 syllables).

Depending on where the Volta arrives (the ‘turn’ – resolution, or at least, change in tone, crucial aspect to a sonnet), there are 3 different stanza layouts (the rhyme-scheme stays the same).

If the turn comes after the first eight lines, as it does in Italian Sonnets, the layout is
aBa BcDcD cDe FeF.
If it comes after line ten (unique!), then it’s aBaB cDc DcD eFeF (same as English but ending on a quatrain rather than the two couplets). — the Volta in this poem arrives at line eleven.

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13 Responses to Fractured

    • Christi Moon says:

      thank you, this form stripped my gears. I can say, in all honesty, this form is more technically challenging than a double sestina.

  1. brian miller says:

    thank you for keeping this on the front burner, already we dont see it much at all anymore and so much is to be done…a wonderfully pen and nice play to form…your imagery brings it all back…nice..

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks Brian. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is going to take 100 years to cool those nuclear rods down. Not sure why nuclear power plants are built atop active faults. thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I always look forward to hearing from you! C.

  2. zongrik says:

    I love this. It’s something I’d write. 😉

  3. Heaven says:

    What a form.. you did an excellent job~

    These are great images:
    Hellish trail of churning, burning, ripping seismic gauges
    engulfing all; dark water’s pulverizing power-play.
    Toxic rods left spewing ions; fueling war still wages.

  4. hedgewitch says:

    Definitely sounds like a complex and demanding form, but you’ve made it work, and speak a powerful message. Too easy to forget the lessons we need to remember, and the sorrows of distant others.

  5. Beth Winter says:

    BRAVO SIS! Your Stress Matrix Sonnet is perfection and carries the power of the topic wonderfully.

  6. kez says:

    great poem think you capture the force and fear within this piece ….thank you !

  7. Powerful imagery of the horrific tragedy!
    And this form looks complicated indeed; I can’t imagine a double sestina, let alone this challenge. Excellent work!!

  8. Jo Bryant says:

    You made this form look easy – which it isn’t – great poem

  9. Carys says:

    Having only been brave enough to tackle one Sado-Masochistic Sonnet, my hat’s off to you Christi. You really are the mistress of meter. It would be great to hear some of these recited, I think we could really appreciate the beauty of the chequered rhythm then.

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