Under Oath

Enslave the world with cryptic words, etched on a stony wall,
brutalizing, bible thumping, biased, sacred fakers;
depraving man’s equality, wield power over all.
Church and State; obliterating, greedy, conflict-makers.
Pretending we’re not bedding down, slick drilling, oily whores.
Toting guns, we can’t outrun, arms bought without affording;
keep sending troops, of youth, to die – reprising holy wars.

Shameful Bay parading bearded, amber jumpsuit, hoarding,             

a righteous inquisition that our sanity ignores;
patronize convention’s rule, with wicked water boarding.

In white starched tailored-shirts, kneel down in Sunday morning pews,
clutching validation theories, banking on confession;
guilt paying for forgiveness; Fox’s Headline evening news,
void of true integrity, perpetuate oppression.  



the form:

This is the Sonnet version of Stress Matrix Dectet/Stress Checkerboard Stanza – developed by Luke Prater

14 lines, 14 syllables per line – aBaB cDc DcD eF eF where lowercase are iambic heptameter (7 beats/stresses per line), and uppercase trochaic heptameter. This yields a perfect ‘checkerboard’ of stressed and unstressed syllables (14 x 14, equalling 196 syllables).Depending on where the Volta arrives (the ‘turn’ – resolution, or at least, change in tone, crucial aspect to a sonnet), there are 3 different stanza layouts (the rhyme-scheme stays the same).  If the turn comes after the first eight lines, as it does in Italian Sonnets, the layout is aBa BcDcD cDe FeF.If it comes after line ten (unique!), then it’s aBaB cDc DcD eFeF (same as English but ending on a quatrain rather than the two couplets).  — the Volta in mine arrives here at line eleven.

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14 Responses to Under Oath

  1. brian says:

    bliestering and spot on…nice political write…calling them out of the closet in which they hide the suits their special interest partners paid for…

  2. Chris G. says:

    It’s a hard, cold world out there, and you captured it soundly. I could go off on more than a few rants about Fox News myself, but I’ll leave that to your lovely work, I think. It says in short what I could take pages to rail. Fine use of Luke’s form – a scathing and unrelenting expose of religion, politics, and some of the darker bits of society…

  3. There’s a lot of deep emotion this poem, I almost felt like each verse would blow up at the end! I have to wonder what happened also to bring you to such a place of cynicism and heartfelt grief. I’m glad you got it out and into poetic form…

  4. dustus says:

    A riveting, polished, poetic rant. Glad you drop the Fox headline at the end. It pulls the piece together and finger-points IMO rightfully so.

  5. Pat Hatt says:

    Nice rant, enjoyed your thoughts in your very nicely constructed write.

  6. lynne h(the word bar) says:

    Love a good rant. this is one.. you nailed so many different aspects of our society, world, government, etc.

    Great lines here:”In white starched tailored-shirts, kneel down in Sunday morning pews,
    clutching validation theories, banking on confession;
    guilt paying for forgiveness;”

    well done Christi!

  7. Luke Prater says:

    Love this piece Christi

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