Unsaid    (villanelle)

With all beloved gifts beside my bed;
a dark and haunting ache remains today,
for all the many words we left unsaid.

ill-fated hallmark letters lie unread;
though secretly one message stowed away,
with all beloved gifts beside my bed.

Dim nights of eerie silence filled with dread;
our quiet ravaged stillness fear’s foray,
for all the many words we left unsaid.

Last pages of a story nearly read;
a Whiter Shade of Pale on endless play,
with all beloved gifts beside my bed.

I’m left to wonder what may come instead;
to grieve we will not have another day,
for all the many words we left unsaid.

Your picture in a frame here to embed;
a life now held in memory portray,
with all beloved gifts beside my bed,
for all the many words we left unsaid.


Poet’s note:
I lost my only sister to cancer 16 years ago. She spent the last month of her life with me, at home.  Left behind on my nightstand after she passed away; an unfinished novel, the last CD she purchased, and a stack of greeting cards all bare but one.  She had written in one telling me that she wished she would be there to celebrate my birthday (2 months later) and how much she missed me. I discovered it two days after she died.  We spent many nights that month in silence; on my bed, together, ravaged, without enough words. The book, the CD, and the card, all remain in the nightstand beside my bed.

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20 Responses to Unsaid

  1. Sean Vessey says:

    Your sister is amazing and brave like you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Leslie Moon says:

    I hear the words and the love that float off this poem.
    A wonderful way to show your love for her
    Thanks for these precious words

  3. Pat Hatt says:

    A Wonderfully written tribute.

  4. hedgewitch says:

    A grueling ordeal, but an excellent villanelle–a good choice, with it’s sad repeating refrain lines, like a ritual of mourning.

  5. brian miller says:

    you know i got to believe somewhere she is smiling as she reads this…a fine and fitting tribute…

  6. Monika says:

    A tribute, unconditionally true and touching. The memories of that month are still fresh in your mind, you reflected them with an ounce of pain and lots of love and feelings. My blessings to you!

  7. Chris G. says:

    My goodness…I couldn’t even imagine. I am so sorry for your loss, but it is a beautiful tribute you offer her here, in the emotion and the flow of the text, touching and sad and yet utterly beautiful and loving in its manner.

  8. L says:

    What a tribute to your sister. How wonderful you had a sister, and how wonderful for her she had you.

    This is deeply moving.

    Lady Nyo

  9. This is a great tribute.

  10. ayala says:

    What a beautiful tribute and what a devastating loss. I am sorry.

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