Cameo (English Sonnet)

undress affection’s lissome ricochet
in sweltered light, cascading trace defines   
as pleading inhibitions disobey
insistent tongue’s affinity entwines

in fluid shadows, contours navigate
as shy beseeching thighs part cameo
impassioned blushing hue to saturate
soon clutching tresses; imminent plateau  

unbridled bare percussion, pressing flesh
the rhythm of awakening arise
intense arousing ecstasy, enmesh   
pure gyratory pulse, infusing sighs  

in tandem bliss, convene, untamed encore
across the threshold, carried whet once more

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11 Responses to Cameo (English Sonnet)

  1. brian says:

    thighs part cameo…whew…and in tandem bliss…this is a smoking sonnet…delicious in intimacy and sensuality…need to go take a shower now…smiles.

  2. Becky Kilsby says:

    undress affection’s lissome ricochet
    carried whet once more

    this is pure rippling pleasure
    Clearly written by Shakepeare’s sister..

  3. Heaven says:

    i like the sensual write very much. and in a lovely form too…

    a powerful concoction of seduction…

    “fans self”

  4. This takes passion to an ethereal level, another realm, and leaves me yearning for this ‘otherworldly’ type of intimacy. Your words transport me to places I only dream of! You have such a gift with words.

  5. hedgewitch says:

    Possibly the most refined and sophisticated description of passion I’ve ever read–beautiful language and perfect meter make it a delight to all the senses. Esp like the build introduced so subtly but strongly in the first two stanzas.

  6. bkmackenzie says:

    beautifully sensual and romantic….imminent plateau…bkm

  7. C Rose says:

    Really lovely write, loved the tenderness you pieced. ~ Rose

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