Candy for Dandelions (English Sonnet)

I wonder of her lonely daffodils;
canary blooms beyond the rusted gate,
abandoned swift upon the rolling hills,
by fragile hands that tended them belate.

As childhood fades the black and white to grey;
forgotten scattered stories never more,
still life that clings to musty shelves array,
once riches held behind her cellar door.

Blue dainty cotton fabric spread around;
a worn and ghostly thimble lies in wait.
Her quilt rack in the corner stands unbound;
no longer used for heirlooms to create.

Remembrance of those days she did infuse;
when candy paid, and berries stained my shoes.

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32 Responses to Candy for Dandelions (English Sonnet)

  1. “a worn and ghostly thimble lies in wait.”
    Very sad but lovely remembrance for your grandmother. Beautifully chosen words.

  2. Emma says:

    Christi this is wistful and beautifully written. It feels like an echo as I read it, and I am imagining shadows of memories that are haunting the speaker. The line ‘As childhood fades black and white to grey’ is so simple but speaks volumes (and makes me sad when I think about my own children growing up). Lovely piece!

  3. brian says:

    still life that clings to musty shelves array,
    once riches held behind her cellar door.

    love those lines…

    and the candy paid and stained shoes….ah, nice verse…

    • Christi Moon says:

      thank you Brian. She had a mulberry tree in her backyard and the berries left stains that were impossible to remove!

  4. Natasha says:

    Wonderful, right down to the berry stained shoes. Powerful in its form as well! Here’s to a great little write! (clink glasses) and thanks for sharing it with d’VersePoets! Looking forward to more 🙂

  5. Luke Prater says:

    Thanks for the pink ink… this is a lovely sonnet… we shall be teaching them at some point but you need no tuition on the Shakespearean by the look of it 🙂

    Loves ya sis xx

  6. Remembrance of those days she did infuse;
    when candy paid, and berries stained my shoes

    Made me miss my Grandmother who died 24 years ago, thank you.

  7. Your beautiful imagery really highlights the emotional content. Well done.

  8. Louise says:

    A wonderfully woven sonnet…a joy to read. Thank you!

  9. oh this is a beautiful sonnet…it flows just effortlessly…and i much love the.. berries stained my shoes…what an image

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful and flowing … a lovely sonnet.

    Nice to meet you ~

  11. Gay says:

    Ah setting the bar high, I see. Starting with a sonnet. The elegance of 14 lines. For you, damask linen, bone china, waterford crystal, and sterling! Perhaps you’ll come by early and we’ll have tea and metaphors. Lovely to see you at the pub. Thanks. Gay

  12. hedgewitch says:

    Love the trip back to childhood, and the candy for payment. I used to get pennies for combing my grandfather’s hair.

    • Christi Moon says:

      yes indeed, she used to pay me in candy for pulling up dandelions…those are very fond memories for me, thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. Chris G. says:

    Such a lovely touch of memory you’ve chosen to share with us here! You’ve rendered a fine sonnet, built of splendid images, and a fine stroke of emotion. Well done.

  14. Really enjoyed this well painted piece. Wonderfully composed:)

  15. Pat Hatt says:

    Such strongly written words, back with great emotion, very nice write!

  16. Phoenix Montoya says:

    I just love sonnets. You’ve written this one so beautiful 🙂

  17. Beth Winter says:

    So beautiful, Sis *hug* Metaphorically strong with the gentle memories. I remember this from the board and am so pleased to read it again.

  18. Victoria says:

    This just took me back to my grandparent childhood farm in Wisconsin. Sometimes I feel like I lived there in a previous life and this captured the whole sensation for me. You are so talented with the Sonnet and other forms, Christi.

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