Unrest (villanelle)






though still, it is not tender this unrest,
abandoned worn affection’s bitter end;
unwinding all we’ve rendered and expressed.

such artful contradictions seldom rest,
when subtle painted sorrows condescend;
though still it is not tender this unrest.

for yesterday the flower petals pressed,
inlay my sighs and linen’s withered end;
unwinding all we’ve rendered and expressed.

our deluge of discomfort effervesced,
in raging lonely ramparts I descend;
though still it is not tender this unrest.

against such callow censure thoughts protest.
through words of stolen passion tides transcend,
unwinding all we’ve rendered and expressed

illusions vow of halcyon repressed.
with all that I hold sacred I will wend;
though still, it is not tender this unrest,
unwinding all we’ve rendered and expressed.

C.S. Moon 6-2011

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30 Responses to Unrest (villanelle)

  1. brian miller says:

    nice round about vilianelle…it plays well with the subject…unwinding all is a great image to end on…evocative…

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks Brian for taking the time to read and commnent, much appreciated.

      • brian miller says:

        having done one now, i appreciate this all the more than when i left that last comment…smiles…there is an elegance to this christi, great use of language….the fav stanza of mine is the pressed flower petals of yesterday…it is tangible and familiar to me…great touch that…

        • Christi Moon says:

          thanks for coming back for a second look Brian, much appreciate the visit and the comment. I love this form 🙂

  2. Other Mary says:

    Still think it’s….*sigh*
    Amazing write sis :o)

  3. This unrest you speak of has lived in my belly these last couple of years. The unwinding takes some time and still I find knots.

  4. poemblaze says:

    I’ve never managed a villanelle I was happy with. Great job.

  5. ‘artful contradictions’; ‘subtle painted sorrows’; ‘callow censure’; ‘illusions vow of halcyon repressed’: marvelous form so beautifully expressed. Thank you.

  6. C Rose says:

    Lovely villanelle, a favorite form of mine, your refrain lines particularly beautiful here. Lovely write ~ Rose

  7. Luke Prater says:

    It’s a lovely villanelle, I’ve read it several times now and it’s still lovely

  8. Brant Lyon says:

    Of all poetic forms, the villanelle and pantoum seem to me the ones that have maintained more of a contemporary freshness than others. Nice one here.

  9. Aw Christi, I knew I could count on you for perfection. The words you’ve chosen make the flow seem effortless, and you’ve bared the pain that exists in one’s soul in this capture of love lost, love betrayed. So glad you shared this.

  10. claudia says:

    wonderful use of words christi and subtly painted emotions…drawn with such delicate, fine lines…

  11. If I knew how to spell poignat, that’s what I’d say. I was very impressed with your poem. I really liked the refrains, or repeating lines. Just an excellent read; very publishable.

  12. beckykilsby says:

    Working the villanelle well here to elicit a sombre cadence – with a light touch. Nicely done, Christi.

  13. Delicate exploration of feelings

  14. Gay says:

    Delicately crafted – a work expressing grief, pain, interruption…yet so beautiful it hurts.

  15. One image, among many, that persists is the pressed petals of flowers. This poem is classic in its expressiveness, with the emotionality so well-suited to the villanelle.

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