33 Responses to Layover

  1. what desire in these lines christi…i like the red-eye night…and maybe the eyes are also red in the morning when flying back…just saying…smiles

    • Christi Moon says:

      undoubtedly had some red eyes on the way back home Claudia! thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  2. brenda w says:

    mmmmm…. setting desire afire…

  3. david waters says:

    desire across the miles…..sensual perfection

  4. brian says:

    mmm…this has a spicy bit of intimacy in it…one a plane as well…smiles. nice..

  5. Dark Angel says:

    You convey so much with so few words. Nice!

  6. This reminds me of “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…” I love how great poems inspire other artistic remembrances.

    And I hope it was a pleasant flight!!

  7. ayala says:

    mmm…nice,Christi. It leaves a lot to the imagination 🙂

  8. Pat Hatt says:

    such a desired flight, nicely captured.

  9. Becky Kilsby says:

    Choice understatement, Christi…. so evocative

  10. Carys says:

    Loved this on the board Christi, love it still. Poetry pared down to its essence is so effective.

  11. wolfsrosebud says:

    Beautiful pics and piece

  12. Lovely, in love there is no distance that can keep you apart. Very soft and sensual read.

  13. Charles Elliott aka Beautyseer says:

    So few words imbued with so much meaning! Thanks for this. I flew more than 250,000 miles on business in one five-year period, so I know the journey…

  14. bkmackenzie says:

    Oh nice…and flying off in the night..together..that is romantic…bkm

  15. kelly says:

    love this, very much my favorite style of poetry, and i love that you spelled out the distance, really nice

  16. My sentiments exactly. Very well written. I like the tight, tight, tight write!!!!


  17. Heaven says:

    tight yet full of underlying passion….

  18. Joe Hesch says:

    I often think that so much of good writing is what we perceive among and between the words and lines. When the words are as good as these, Christi, we readers are transported more than a mere 978 miles. Lovely stuff.

  19. Aida says:

    This was longer, wasn’t it? Soft passion… so delicate, yet so fulfilling 🙂

  20. Reflections says:

    A simple form, few words, yet your poem travels the distance of skies beyond, waiting the morn. Beautiful.

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