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  1. Christi Moon says:

    offering up an older piece for dVerse tonight… my muse seems to have taken the week off.

  2. brian miller says:

    i have flown, but i have to imagine flying at those speeds has got to be a thril ride honestly…i just hope the cradle does not fall you know…smiles…nah i am pretty good with flying…have been through a few rough ones though

  3. hedgewitch says:

    There is a lot of magic in air travel–and it seeps into this piece, an imaginative journey, vividly painted in the same sort f minimalist style as the picture.

  4. ayala says:

    Love to travel…lovely poem!

  5. oh wow…sounds magical.. i love flying but usually once you’re up in the air you don’t feel the speed any more in a normal plane…because of this the part i love most is the start…the moment when the plane races along and then loses touch with the earth…will soon fly again…can’t wait..

  6. and i LOVE your poem….sorry…you got me so excited…smiles..

  7. Shawna says:

    “we are cradled in the safety of this s p a c e” … Wow. That is a strong and powerful ending.

    I see love separated by distance, continents, space, time. I don’t think this is necessarily about flying on a literal airplane. It could be about closing the gap, connecting in another more “artistic” way … perhaps through writing letters.

    “five hours fly” reminds me of those long hours spent on the telephone when you’re first dating or still “just friends.”

    My favorite thing about this is the difference in treatment from “b-r-e-a-k-s” to
    “s p a c e” … the “lines” have been removed. I love this piece, Christi. Brilliant job.

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks so much for your in depth comments Shawna. your ability to weave your thoughts through poetry and interpret the layers with such precision continues to dazzle and delight me. your analysis of this one is spot-on and I am thrilled that you were able to identify what I was attempting to convey with ‘b-r-e-a-k-s’ and ‘s p a c e’ . you made my day. thanks again for taking the time to read and comment….it’s dearly appreciated.

  8. Beautifully done–I felt cradled—beautiful word choice as well—

  9. laurie kolp says:

    I don’t like flying because I have problems with my ears. When I do, I have to repeat things similar to your ending.

  10. Sometimes safety can be so scary. . .

  11. Chazzy Chazz says:

    My wife flew the Concorde several times and said it was simply amazing. I met a man who flew in the Black ops program, flying the Blackbird spy plane, its top speed of Mach 3. He had a patch on his coat which said Mach 3 club. Your poem really captures the excitement surrounding these planes. Thank you for reminding us what engineering marvels thay are and the ultimate conquest of land and gravity!

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