Wings of Morpheus (villanelle)






Tragedies waken humanity’s fate,
find blindly by-standing viscosity;
waken conviction’s eviction of hate.

Our innocence omnipotence mutilates;
enslaved bloody caves hide ferocity.
Tragedies waken humanity’s fate.

Construct self-destruction’s nuclear state;
wage holiest rage animosity.
Waken conviction’s eviction of hate.

Vast endangering nature evaporates;
swarm vapory warming velocity.
Tragedies waken humanity’s fate.

Spawn brainwashing biases separate;
dread sacred elitist atrocity.
Waken conviction’s eviction of hate.

As collective protection proliferates
man’s forsaken mistaken monstrosity;
tragedies waken humanity’s fate–
waken conviction’s eviction of hate.


4th place–FEPC creative contest March 2011 (theme awakenings)

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21 Responses to Wings of Morpheus (villanelle)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great villanelle Christi, your technique is so polished…love reading your poetry.

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks so much Anon– the villanelle is one of my favorite forms. This is an older piece, written back in the spring…my first attempt at a villanelle.

  2. very strong write christi…Tragedies waken humanity’s fate…and…Waken conviction’s eviction of hate…..powerful refrain lines..think the villanelle is just the perfect form for the topic…enjoyed it a lot…

  3. I’m all for the eviction of hate. Or never renting to hate in the first place!

    A lot of very heavy images in this. Enjoyed your way with words here.

    And Pierre-Narcisse Guerin created a dreamy painting. Not sure if I’ve heard of him. Must’ve seen more of his stuff tho, it’s really good.

  4. yes, this form, these words, all perfect together. powerful images and emotion, really well done. love “conviction’s eviction of hate”

  5. rob kistner says:

    Oh yes, I certainly like this one of yours – here’s mine:

  6. Ann LeFlore says:

    your poetry is so lovely and so well written I totally enjoyed reading this thank you so much

  7. A sumptuous cornucopia of language, I was especially struck by the wonderful viscosity/ferocity/animosity/velocity/atrocity/monstrosity rhyme and the word pairs of conviction’s eviction/innocence omnipotence/construct self-destruction. This is a powerful poem where the form amplified the message. Thank you.

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks so much Anna. this was my first attempt at this form written a few months ago. the villanelle has fast become one of my favorite forms. much appreciate your feedback. xC.

  8. Great read I actually had ti think. Thank you. I love patterned poetry and rhyme.

  9. laurie kolp says:

    Beautiful villanelle… I can see why it won 3rd place. Congratulations, Christi!

  10. brian says:

    i really have not been ignoring you…i have been trying all day to leave a comment and keep getting a blogger error message…really nicely done to form…the modern laguage plays well within it…will we ever find a better way than this destruction we seem bent upon…i can only hope…tragedy has a way of bringing us together as well though, even if only for a little bit…

  11. Becky Kilsby says:

    Yes, you really have a handle on the villanelle Christi. Love all those paired words – perfect way of examing this theme. Also gave my tongue and brain a work out this morning..lovely!

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