Yosemite in Winter Snow






elysian mountain top chalet
majestic granite’s snow ballet

the wintry flower petals play
escape the clouds and sail away

the silent dance before the ground
a chorus floating without sound

in tranquil whispered light unbound
Cathedral cliffs and meadows found

soft linen stillness paints the floor
a shiny dome at rapture’s door

the waterfall a midnight score
sequoia’s cling to new décor

extol– El Capitan’s plateau
where gallant glaciers guard below

a midnight walk, our hearts bestow
Yosemite— in winter snow

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19 Responses to Yosemite in Winter Snow

  1. oh i remember this christi..have read it on FB and liked it a lot…great flow…creative choice of words and i can just feel the atmosphere. i think the couplets work well, they give room to breathe..and leaves me moving my toes, thinking…did i feel some snow…?

    • Christi Moon says:

      thank you Claudia. impossible to capture the magnificence or grandeur of it. It is also breathtaking there in the summer when the waterfalls are all brimming. I want to go back!

  2. Luke Prater says:

    I remember this – and works so much more nicely in couplets (and in iambic tetrameter). Nt much I’d change here, Christi. Very accomplished piece of poetry. Nature is a perennial favourite like some of the trees, but seldom becomes cliche for me (bar a sunset or sunrise perhaps). What a journey this poem has been on… it was the first I ever read of yours in yr Facebook Notes. It wasn’t bad then.

    ‘escape the clouds and sail away’ is the only place you may be flirting with cliche. The ‘heart’ mention is nicely done. In love-poetry –blechh– but fits here (esp with the slightly archaic phrasing/syntax of that line).

  3. Christi Moon says:

    thank you Luke.

    I didn’t have a clear sense of iambic tetrameter when I wrote this!

    what a journey indeed. xC.

  4. Carys says:

    Christi, this for me, is nature in all her winter beauty right here on the page.

    soft linen stillness paints the floor – absolutely adore this line, the word ‘linen’ conjures up such a sense of ‘cleanness’ for me which fits the description of snow perfectly and your use of the verb ‘paints’ which one wouldn’t normally associate with linen or snow gives a really fresh feel to the line.

    Yes the ‘clouds’ line is tangling with cliche a little but I think you can get away with it here such is the light airy feel of that section.

  5. Hi Christi – i also am not an overt fan of this kind of subject matter but luckily for me i have you to my left and gay to my right in the bar and although your poems are similarly feminine and discuss love and/or its evocations which is something i do not usually enjoy – i find that both pieces are so well written – thoughtful and constructed in such a way as to both avoid cliche and allow me to appreciate your craft and skill –

    extol– El Capitan’s plateau
    where gallant glaciers guard below

    this stanza leaps out as a stunner amongst some corkers.
    i love your love in this piece and rather than grimace ( i am a grinch i know) at the final couplet i actually smile and wish you well – romantic with a subtle (r)

    thanks Christi

  6. Christi Moon says:

    hehe Arron… I am glad to know that this did not evoke groaning or grimacing 🙂 This piece wasn’t so much about romance as it was about my complete wonder over the exquisite beauty of Yosemite. Trust me, I can be a real cynic about matters related to romance. <3 C.

  7. Victoria says:

    I remember this, too. What can we add to perfection?

  8. Beth W says:

    Beautiful. I am glad I was able to visit this one again.


  9. Becky Kilsby says:

    Well Christi I’m not a fan of enraptured nature verse…luckily you have avoided that particular pitfall in favour of crafting a fine poem..bravo! What a challenge to try to pin the experience down…I’m inspired by how you have focussed on senses and produced very tangibles images. Linen is wonderful as is ‘the waterfall a midnight score’…. Yosemite is a fanstastic word and is already on my list of places to visit..you’ve confirmed that desire here. Thanks….

    • Christi Moon says:

      Becky– don’t miss the opportunity to visit Yosemite! Impossible for pictures or poems to capture the beauty there.

  10. Aida says:

    Hi Christi,
    What a view you have painted! I love poems about nature. One has to dig deep to be able to give life to nature with words. You’ve done a superb job by embroidering them in this beautiful poem. Here snow-flakes don’t melt, instead they fall softly and make this wonderful winter show.

  11. Thank you Christi for a wonderful poem and you brought back lots of memories of our winter trip to another great park, Yellowstone.

  12. Ginny Brannan says:

    Christi, We visited Yosemite years ago. I will never forget how small and insignificant I felt against all of the magnificence and grandeur. I would be hard-pressed to find the right words to capture, as you have done, all of the intricacies of this amazing place. Your words, like Yosemite itself, have taken my breath away! Thank you for taking me back. Just beautiful, Christi!

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