veined ache shakes
evening’s pall palace
craved bubbles rake
woo a hot spoon

veiled vices sink
in psychedelic swallows
melting the floor
as Madman
across the water
follows feral

coy-frayed edges
flashing rations
ripe raze
peddle hype-hiding
the Paper Boy

kindle-crazed poppy state
bowed-in Black majesty
haze warm rigged bindle

ahy ahy ahy

sweet jesus

eight rays
bursting blue-green



CS MOON 12-28-11 allrightsreserved

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33 Responses to Fix

  1. brian miller says:

    love the stacato feel to your clipped phrasing…and it gets right into it…also like theholler there at the end as well…it made me chuckle in its exasperation…

  2. Beth Winter says:

    Good to see you here. I remember this from the board. You blended the lingo list with the tone wonderfully, setting the obsessive craving into a scene of madness. There seems, to me, to be a second theme interwoven, one that is quite cryptic but undefinable. The second theme leaves me feeling uneasy and I can’t discern why. An interesting effect. Well written, Christi.

    • Christi Moon says:

      Hazy undercurrents make for interesting poetry. I think most readers will find unease with the references/descriptions to the hellish power of opiate addiction….few things in life more destructive than a substance abuse problem. Thanks for stopping by Beth.

  3. Heaven says:

    an interesting play of words, crisp and jumping out from my screen ~

    the fix of euphoria … beautiful writing here ~

  4. ayala says:

    A beautiful write.

  5. Unique with a catchy flow. Soulful and sexy. 🙂

  6. Christi Moon says:

    I think opiates are the perfect metaphor to illustrate the power of craving, withdrawal and release. Plenty of mechanisms in life allow for the release of powerful endorphins and a natural state of euphoria. Key is to tap into those healthier habits…that makes us less likely to participate in the more damaging ones. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  7. hedgewitch says:

    Dazzling use of language, and a more somber message–one could get lost in the sensual pleasure of the way you’ve spliced together your words, as easily as any opiate, but you did build in some sort of undercurrent which keeps the reader grounded. Good stuff(in a totally healthy way. ;_) )

  8. very nice… remembered it from FB and enjoyed the second read even more..this bursts with color and euphoria..great write christi

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks so much Claudia…appreicate you taking the time to visit the poem again. hoping 2012 brings us all a bit more ‘euphoria’ — C.

  9. Becky Kilsby says:

    This is such a compelling evocation of addiction..for anything.. your ear for sound and rhythm have really embodied those feelings. Such subtlety and strength. Powerful writing Christi… among your best for me.

  10. Marousia says:

    The imagery is rich and surreal and there is a certain tension in the juxtapositions that lies beneath the surface – apart from the more obvious addiction – nicely layered food for thought

  11. Other Mary says:

    Definite dis-ease here. It’s a compelling one – I remember reading the note, and appreciate it even more coming back to it.

  12. ~L says:

    Such great poetry… I felt like I flowed with the words…. loved your last word! 🙂

  13. laurie kolp says:

    Love this: kindle-crazed poppy state

  14. Being on the road has seriously resticted my reading and how I’ve missed it, most especially feasts like your poem. I’ll have to agree with Becky and add that I love the image too. Sharp writing!

  15. Emma says:

    The alliteration here is outstanding, Christi. This poem is an aural treat and I love the metaphor you’ve chosen…could apply to so many things…a couple immediately pop to mind. Wonderful poetry!

  16. Jebbi says:

    breathtaking piece Christi. Sweet Jesus — eight rays — blue green sunshine…ohhh the images….I remember this from the group…it’s awesome.

  17. Stacato: tattoo:
    show me an arm
    that has not cried
    from the ink
    of what we do

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