Abandon (snowflake tetractys) visual edition


the form
~ Tetractys should express a complete thought, profound or comic, witty or wise using 20 syllables. They can be written with more than one verse but each subsequent verse must invert the syllable count. There is no limit to the number of verses. The structure is:
line 1 – 1 syllable
line 2 – 2 syllables
line 3 – 3 syllables
line 4 – 4 syllables
line 5 – 10 syllables
Two verses is a Snowflake Tetractys.

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19 Responses to Abandon (snowflake tetractys) visual edition

  1. Christi Moon says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day dVerse poets <3

  2. smiles…much passion in a kiss…love the artist lips…isn’t kissing an art in itself..? nice..

  3. brian miller says:

    oo oh my that is some kiss…the form works really well with this as well…abandoning sanity…smiles.

  4. This is just so beautifully done! Kudos to you!

  5. Pat Hatt says:

    A kiss to make time stop, nicely done! Like how you used the pic too!

  6. Jebbi says:

    so creative and beautiful…just like the author 🙂

  7. Resplendent kiss of sun ripened berries- what a great line. Love the form- not one I’ve seen before- and one you’ve inspired me to try. I can see how, with the right words- 20 syllables can be turned into something very powerful indeed- as you have shown!

  8. laurie kolp says:

    This is beautiful, Christi!

  9. Ayala says:

    Nicely done, Christi. I hope that you had a good Valentine’s Day 🙂

  10. Bajanpoet says:

    WOW… I love this!

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