an ordered pair forms
rational numbers intersect
coefficients affine
though defined mapping 
requires balance
on both sides

of the math

decisions are plotted  
with curving precision
intercepting confidence
and respecting

    a logical
            of steps

statistics predict
in weighted degrees 
we reason between
two complex expressions
and our convergence of dots  

on the graph 


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28 Responses to Algorithm

  1. As a poet and a statistician, I absolutely loved this.

  2. Christi Moon says:

    it thrills me to hear this Buddah. I adore math…and poetry.

    thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. much appreciated.

  3. ChasingTao says:

    You definately are an expert craftsman with the words…you weave them with silver threads across the tapestry of your page! Gotta love these lines:

    “decisions are plotted
    with curving precision
    intercepting confidence
    and respecting”

    Roger ☺

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    The math of poetry moving them as one, very nicely done!

  5. I am not a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination—rather, a musician–but being a musician I love the symmetry expressed here–Lovely, lovely piece!

  6. De Jackson says:

    LOVE this! Especially those steppy lines. 🙂 Delighted to find I’m not the only one who likes to merge math and phrase. Mine this week did, also. 😉

  7. brian miller says:

    why couldnt you teach me math? ha…really nicely done….and even though technical in terms they do tell a story…to me this speaks of the relation of things…or people

    • Christi Moon says:

      ha! I actually worked in the math lab all through college tutoring algebra. loved it. big time math nerd. only student in my college algebra class to get 100% of the possible points in the class. (pardon the shameless bragging). Glad you could see that this isn’t really about math at all though Brian…as always, appreciate the visit and your comments.

  8. Really like the math used as metaphor for a relationship, especially
    “..defined mapping
    requires balance
    on both sides”
    Seems balance is always a most important factor.
    Very clever write, Christi. Nicely penned!

  9. David Caruso says:

    excellent work & a beautiful show of restraint.

  10. this is great christi..there seems to be math behind almost everything…including music and what we call love…we don’t see it usually…thanks for balancing the algorithm for us…

  11. Heaven says:

    How creative to weave math and poetry…I do work with numbers the whole day so I can appreciate the need for logical sequence and rational decisions. But the final take and muddled lines don’t necessarily end up in a “rational” decision ~

    Fine writing ~

  12. C Rose says:

    You have made a sensuality within this that I found very compelling, wonderfully penned! ~ Rose

  13. Shawna says:

    What an interesting metaphor for love, trying to force it into a formula of logic, balance, and rules—impossible for such a thing as emotion. Surely the speaker knows her attempts at organizing feelings will be futile. If this algorithm does work, this ordered pair, it is assuredly a boring match. But I can appreciate the idea of a balanced partnership, a committed long-term love that works from day to day, year to year, sticking with the formula, perhaps adjusting it at times to keep things balanced.

    I love “coefficients affine”! Excellent “parallel.” 🙂

    “curving precision” … another great phrase

    “we reason between
    two complex expressions
    and our convergence of dots” … working out what is difficult to understand, our differences and would-be disagreements, with reason and control … focusing on our commonalities, our crossover

    What I see here is a relationship that appears to work … on the page; the graph emerges, correct and precise … but something is missing. Beneath the graph paper, the equation is all wrong. Yet the speaker is sticking with the formula, focusing on what should work … until it does work.

    This is real love poetry rather than infatuation poetry.

    I really like the sound of this piece, the rhyming and alliteration:
    “ordered,” “forms”
    “affine,” “defined,” “sides”
    “mapping,” “balance,” “math”
    “decision,” “precision”
    “intercepting,” “respecting”
    “curving,” “confidence,” “converse”
    “enlisted,” “statistics,” “predict” … love this
    “degrees,” “reason,” “between”
    “complex,” “expressions”

    Quite brilliant, Christi. You are extremely talented.

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