22 Responses to Ties (Octain)

  1. Christi–I love the inner alliteration in this piece–beautifully done!

  2. hedgewitch says:

    This has the rocking motion of a train, and the comfort of a lullaby. Simple and lovely.

  3. brian miller says:

    i grew up by the rails….love to walk them and listen to the trains passing at night…fell asleep to them many a night…and the allit in your verse def plays well to the power and rhythm…

    • Christi Moon says:

      I have a beuatiful rail trail near my house and spend quite a bit of time walking there. The photo above was taken there a couple of weeks ago. thanks for the visit and the comments, much appreciated– C.

  4. ayala says:

    A lovely write, Christi.

  5. C Rose says:

    wonderful octain, you portrayed a vivid image of words to match that which led us in. ~ Rose

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks Rose. I took that photograph recently..adore everything trains 🙂

      I am really enjoying your micro-poetry on twitter! great stuff.

      thanks for stopping by — C.

  6. Shawna says:

    I love the double meaning in your title. Love “parachuting radiation pounding-pulse anticipation.”

    I really like the symbolism in your color words, possibly two opposing emotions: grey-green = sadness, heaviness, sorrow versus expectation, new life, spring, excitement … Transition from winter to spring, from old to new, from here to there. Taking a chance. And that cherished face says it all; that’s your ending, focusing on the face.

    “as rocking rails cross carriage eyes” … This makes me smile.

    • Christi Moon says:

      makes me smile too 🙂

      always a joy to read your insightful and engaging comments Shawna. thanks so much– C.

  7. I love trains, the tracks and sounds..”.trace Transatlantic grey-green skies” great line!

  8. Mihir Vatsa says:

    Nice one here, C.

    I could almost feel the dadak-dadak movement of the trains. It’s funny that trains do carry a kind of nostalgia with them. No matter how much I curse or be wary of them, the moment a train passes by, I run to watch the bogies pass through the paddy fields in my village. =)

    • Christi Moon says:

      thanks Mihir. there is something very nostalgic/romantic about trains…the soft rocking motion and the the sound of them rolling along the tracks. so glad you enjoyed this piece.

  9. Really like the repetition and imagery. Both strong and well worked.

    Most excellent write.

  10. Luke Prater says:

    Great Octain Christi. depth of content here

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