public prunes
and glinting prisms
silver-hinting mannerisms
pimped-up flaunting
garish taunting
wafting eyes and
main squeeze
the trailer park
still breezes  
through a Ph.D.
harp fucking
two bits
filigree flipped
swiveling lips 
that memory lane’s
rivalry hides in
razor-lathe pride
locked on line-ties 
a stalker
a Cinderella wave
chide peacocking
colours blown high
in the spent-time
tinsel ribbons
of a literary exhibitionist

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20 Responses to confetti

  1. Sweet wordplay – gave my tongue a real workout. Thanks – moskowitz

  2. Poetjanstie says:

    I like the rhythm of this, Christy. I also like the rant against all that veneer that makes up middle class aspiration (I read it three times to get my interpretation right, so bear with). Touch of Harvard (or Oxbridge, as we’d call ’em over here) in the influence. The UK government is currently riven with people of this class, who are completely ill-equipped with understanding for what goes on in real people’s lives.

    You’re going to tell me I’m way off beam here, aren’t you 😐

    • Christi Moon says:

      Poetjanstie– there are many layers to this one and you have definately described one of them… quite nicely 🙂

      thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, much appreciated– C.

  3. brian miller says:

    ha love the last line…and wicked rhythm in the cascade of words you have going on…some favs…

    rivalry hides in
    razor-lathe pride
    locked on line-ties

  4. Wonderful use of words–playfully delivering their pointed message–Loved this Christi!

  5. Ruth says:

    love the rhyme, the rhythm, and the way the whole thing rolls off my tongue – giggled at


    I know what you mean

  6. claudia says:

    i think it would give my german tongue a hard time if i’d try to read this aloud…smiles…love the rhythm and wordplay in this christi..filigree flipped
    swiveling lips ….wicked cool..

  7. It’s got rhythm. It’s got great rhythm. Just rolls and rolls.

    Most excellent work.

  8. poemblaze says:

    Great sound poem!

  9. Shawna says:

    Right off, the title and image grab me hard. I want to blow the confetti myself and make a big mess. But only if someone else will clean it up.

    So it seems like someone appears to be one thing on the outside, something else beneath. No hint yet as to what. Prissy, faux sophistication, educated but coming from little. Grown-up life, doing adult things: “knicknacking kindle-cracking kibble” … I really like this.

    “that memory lane’s misguided” … Whew. That punches.

    “locked on line-ties
    a stalker
    parade” … Love this. My eyes misread at first, so I thought it said “locked online ties.” Is there a double meaning there?

    “of a literary exhibitionist” … Ha ha ha! Great line.

    Maybe there’s a connection between “two bits” and “rivalry,” cheerleading references perhaps. This is so tight, Christi. I just can’t quite get inside it; brilliant execution. If I had to pin it down, I’d say it’s about making yourself look “better” than you are, perhaps online, perhaps in writing. I can’t wait to see if you add any notes in the comments section. This is fantastic.

    • Christi Moon says:

      I am always dazzled by your comments Shawna. I was thrilled with your thoughts on this line–

      “that memory lane’s misguided”

      defintely many layers to this one and you have nailed one of them. (I also sent you a private note)

      as always, much appreciate the time you take to read and comment– C.

  10. zongrik says:

    i like the literary exhibitionist

    pportunity on mars

  11. Adjectivally amazing. Love the tone, the natural flow and rhythm created. Fun read. Thanks

  12. Chazinator says:

    Such wonderful words swirling and whirling around, and your satirical wit commands them to obey! Excellent way to bring out the empty games that society often plays.

  13. Christi Moon says:

    thanks all– glad you enjoyed the word-play in this one 🙂

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