one steady question
led us
through a year
of wonder

led us here

bare and unbroken
sifting colour
into light

as Friday morning
weaves beneath
the folded fabric
of Japanese blinds

you reach up
careful fingers
tuck fallen hair
behind my ear

     what would that be like?
the sun explodes
inside this room





©christi moon 2012

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17 Responses to Knowing

  1. peterwilkin says:

    This small & incredibly beautiful poem has just stopped me in my tracks! I have a sense of togetherness & a deep appreciation of the ‘other’, as well as a strong sense of mindfulness after reading it. And every word you have used fits to perfection, creating a poem that glides into the consciousness & stirs up the soul. Wonderful write 🙂

  2. Marousia says:

    Each word has a beautiful thread to the next, building to a glorious tapestry at the end

  3. This was magical – I loved the way the sun exploded – such an apt description!

  4. brian miller says:

    wow nice close on this…the sun exploding…and knowing only pleasure…really nice build to that as well ma’am

  5. Natasha says:

    Christie! This is beautiful! The sensory perceptions, the feel of the blinds, the sun exploding…so many wonderful ways to lose yourself in these words. Loved it!

  6. “what would that be like?” … That is a question that could keep you going for a year. 🙂

    I love how simple and bare this poem is compared to your typical work. It’s exposed, gentle, and offering. Beautiful.

    “tuck fallen hair
    behind my ear” … I always love this image—in a poem, a movie, a book, or reality.

    This is also lovely imagery:
    “sifting colour
    into light”

    I’m glad the question was finally answered: “paradise”

    (I hope you’re doing well; it’s been too long. ~Shawna)

    • Christi Moon says:

      Ahh, Shawna! lovely to to see you here (although you appear to be incognito)

      thanks so much… and yes to all of the above.

      I know that I promised you a proper note weeks ago….will get on that and a visit to your blog soon.

      hope you are well…look forward to catching up. xC.

  7. Ayala says:

    Christie, this is a gorgeous poem ! Love it !

  8. The flow and sentiment are beautiful.

  9. Marousia says:

    Beautiful – you create a perfect moment of two people connecting respecting each other’s otherness

  10. The intimacy between two soul mates is a very special thing, indeed. You have truly captured that in this piece. Beautifully penned, Christi.

  11. Christi Moon says:

    @ all…thank you for taking the time to read and comment. dearly appreciated.

  12. kolembo says:

    Glorious! Tender love, tenderly written. Beautiful.

  13. becky kilsby says:

    The craft is worthy of the moment it seems. Beautiful.

  14. Christi Moon says:

    thanks all for the lovely comments. I’ve made one small edit to this one.

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