14 Responses to Surmounting

  1. Sensual, alive and [forgive me] delicious. Well done.

  2. brian miller says:

    there is some nice underlying heat…i also really like you use of language and how surmounting plays off climbing….there is also a gentleness to this…

  3. Mohana says:

    Beautiful, Christi!! <3

  4. claudia says:

    the seraphic outlines of times…i feel some endlessness in this…nice..

  5. Susan L Daniels says:

    This is so beautiful, sensual, and vivid. You say a lot with these few words.

  6. ayala says:

    Christi, this is sensual and beautiful !

  7. kelly says:

    lovely… the seraphic outlines of time is a fabulous line.

  8. Short, sweet and sensual!

  9. “devour
    our past lives
    the seraphic
    of time”

    I love the imagery in your words Christi. This is beautiful!

  10. Marousia says:

    Lovely – sublime

  11. Beachanny says:

    Surmounting implies so much…friendship, the basis of love, requires getting over obstacles, but love-partnerships require climbing vast peaks and forging deep gorges to have that love surmount lust; for bonded souls to sprout angel’s wings. Beautifully expressed.

  12. Leo says:

    A beauty that spins past time and entwines your readers too 🙂 Beautiful wordplay.

    ~ Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason ~

  13. emma says:

    This is lovely, Christi. The words and picture compliment each other perfectly.

  14. I love the overlapping from one line/couplet to the next; it allows for so many readings:

    “surmounting blurry hours of you”

    “blurry hours of you climbing inside me”

    “climbing inside me, devour our past lives”

    “devour our past lives, curving”

    “curving the seraphic outlines”

    “the seraphic outlines of time”

    From the beginning to the end, you turn the internal into the spiritual … earthly time morphs into heavenly time, which is of no consequence. This is like an out-of-body experience, but inward. You’ve gone so far inside that you are disconnected from the outside of your body. No time or space exists because they have been surmounted.

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