wanna trip a night fantastic
wanna drip impassioned drastic

wanna pomp some circumstances
wanna romp in true romances

wanna British night in armor
wanna bluejeanbaby charmer

wanna paradox contrary
wanna polka-dot canary

wanna sway in nature humming
wanna lay in linen strumming

wanna dance five rhythms knowing
wanna chance the row boat rowing

wanna catch a wish from cupid
wanna let him kiss me stupid

wanna lock hips rolling thunder
wanna feel lips rocking wonder

wanna rip down brief grey boxers
wanna flip off false news-foxers

wanna downward-dog your yoga
wanna peek beneath your toga

wanna meter wrapped and rhyming
wanna straddle Blacklight climbing

wanna tangle up these tresses
wanna stop the printing presses

wanna skillful cunning linguist
wanna gentle(man) distinguished

© image and words christi moon


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