did her life
flash before
his rabid eyes
in the logic
of caustic kin
fifteen years
of sizzling sin
in rancid
blistering fits
of brooding
familial ties
are liquefied
      for eying a boy
      just driving by
      on a motorbike
        I won’t do it again, Baba
but it’s too late
for absolution
fate’s already splashed
it’s  hatred on her
     acid to ashes
     evil’s wrung round
     those patriarchal posies
        as we all fall down
a daughter’s eyes
in sullied puddles
of his honor



© words/image cs moon 2013


note:   According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, at least 943 young girls and women were killed in the name of “honor” last year.  The real toll is believed to be much higher as most of these crimes go unreported.


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One Response to Honor

  1. Kiana says:

    Love this piece. “acid to ashes
    evil’s wrung round
    those patriarchal posies”
    Great word play

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