About Christi

Christi Moon grew up in a small coastal town in California and currently resides in rural southeastern, Pennsylvania with her teenage daughter. Her poetry has been published in the journal Brush Strokes and Ink Spots, an Anthology of Poetry and Art ~ The River Journal, Nomos Review edition 3 ~ Women on War and Conflict, Meat For Tea ~ The Valley Review Vol 8,  Need Change, Poets Against War, and Twisted Tungz art & literature magazine, and online on Combustus, VerseWrights, The Creative Nexus, Solstice Initiative ~ Aqueous, and The River Journal. When not writing poetry, her personal interests also include; photography, yoga, and exploring local nature trails. She also facilitates poetry workshops for local cancer patients.

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  1. Alia Sultan says:

    Lovely blog Christi, I’m glad to have encountered it 🙂

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